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Top 10 Fat Loss Commandments

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Step 4: Top 10 Fat Loss Commandments

By now, you understand I’m on your side.

PROOF: Here are the exact 10 Fat Loss
Commandments we use with every client we train
to accelerate fat loss as much as possible. It’s
awesome, and now it’s yours.

Fat Loss Commandment #1: Your body is your body. Learn about it.

Have you evaluated yourself for individual differences in order to best customize your program? Your body will respond differently than other people’s bodies, yet this point is so often ignored. Here are 3 very important questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you fast or slow-twich muscle biased?
  • What is your daily energy in the morning, noon, and night?
  • Are you a visual learner, tactile, or auditory?

Depending on your bodytype (i.e. sprinter vs endurance), you may have a higher percentage of fast or slow-twitched muscle fibers. In the beginning, make sure you spend 80% of your time working on the type of muscle fiber you have more of when it comes to fat loss. This way, it’s easier to activate more muscle.

Workout time is almost as important as the workout itself. Exercising is about making the best part of you, better. As such, make sure to commit to exercising during the high point of your energy each day.

As for learning, be sure to find a learning style that fits your needs. For example, if you learn well by listening, then it would be a distraction to listen to loud music while exercising, but audio workouts would be great.

Fat Loss Commandment #2: Have a ridiculously good plan.

A truly solid plan involves, well... planning. So many people miss this part, but it’s not that hard. Take a realistic look at where you are today, and make an aggressive, but realistic plan for change. Instead of having goals, have a vision and see yourself succeeding several times per day.

Fat Loss Commandment #3: Develop a vision, not a goal.

Visions are much more powerful. 98% of what’s going on in your brain is subconscious. Developing a vision requires the use of more of your brain than just developing a thought, which suggests we are tapping into subconscious brain power.

The more you learn to integrate all 5 senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing) into every vision you have for yourself, the sooner you’ll hit your goals.

Fat Loss Commandment #4: A.B.P. Always Be Progressing

Don’t follow a plan; follow a feeling. Once you get ‘unsore,’ work on having every workout feel like the first. See if you can push your body to a new level at least once per workout.

Also, as part of developing a plan, make sure you chart out your ‘Progression Plan’ at least 6 months in front of where you are, if not 5 years. This way, you always know what’s coming next, and where you’re going. It’ll be much easier to get there if you know where you’re going.

Fat Loss Commandment #5: Balance your body for better results.

A balanced body improves electrical communication to muscles and gets you stronger, faster. It also helps you activate more muscle, so you raise the metabolic cost of every exercise even greater.

Fat Loss Commandment #6: Pain isn’t necessary to get in shape.

Soreness is. Pain, like joint pain, or anything that isn’t dull and achy and feels like muscle soreness when you move, doesn’t belong a part of your exercise program. In fact, it doesn’t take many pain signals at all to turn ‘off’ all the muscles in an area of your body.

When you have joint pain with exercise, you’re working against your results. Instead, consider working around an injury and working everything else but the painful area. You’ll heal faster, and you’ll get faster results.

Fat Loss Commandment #7: You don’t have to do any radical dieting to lose fat ridiculously fast.

And, point of fact, you may actually be slowing down any results you can get for a really long time by doing the wrong diet. When you starve your body, it eats muscle instead of fat. When you build muscle, your body consumes proteins and fats above all else.

You don’t have to get ‘huge’ to see huge results in weight loss. You just need to work your muscles and shock your body. From a nutritional standpoint, you need to feed yourself to be able to get through your day with the highest energy possible, not to enjoy all of your favorite foods on a daily basis. It’s a mindset switch.

Fat Loss Commandment #8: Scare your fat away. Intensity matters. Step up.

Fat loss is all about shocking your body. By alternating intensities, changing up your exercise regularly, adding fiber to your diet, changing up the protein sources in your food, and working opposite sides of your body back and forth, you’re sure to burn fat at absurd speeds.

The more you keep your body guessing, the higher your metabolism. The higher your metabolism is over a period of 4 months, the better the Metabolic Shift to come.

Remember this graph from the last post?

Fat Loss Commandment #9: Train your nervous system, not your musculoskeletal.

Your nerves control whether or not your muscles contract, except each nerve controls more than one muscle. By prioritizing your nervous system into your workouts, you are naturally going to get better signaling to muscles all over your body. Better signaling equals more muscular strength and endurance with an exercise, ultimately leading to way faster results.

Fat Loss Commandment #10: Rid your body of inflammation to allow it to lose fat.

Inflammation is your body’s way of saying something’s wrong. When you get a bump or bruise, you get inflamed. Your body rushes white blood cells to the area and works on restoring it before you put pressure there again. In your gut and your arterial walls, there’s inflammation taking place all the time. Eating foods with preservatives, trans-fats, and being in an environment with smog and other environmental toxins causes inflammation. Liver toxicity from medication can do the same.

Without taking a good look at inflammation in your body and reducing it through exercise and healthy eating, your body is always in constant competition with itself and sees everything as trauma.

Reduce trauma, and speed up fat loss.

In the next post, you’re going to find out exactly how I plot out reducing trauma and increasing fat loss. I have a specific method that we use with every client we train at Global Fitness LLC, and that’s why we’re able to get great results with people of all ages.

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P.S. Here’s a video that will help you understand a simple method of modifying any exercise you want to work on the ‘missing muscles’ you have yet to hit:

Perform all 5 exercises you see listed below, twice each, without rest.

This is how we'll turn those exercises into a set. You'll get a better idea of what's possible with just a few exercises and 10 minutes of your time. Please do the following:

Repeat 2x without resting and let the fat burn for days.