Incinerate Your Body Fat
5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator
12 rounds - easyFocus on hydrationSet all goals using method above.
21 round - sprintZero sugar, zero carbs (except veggies)Rehearse goals in the morning, afternoon, and before you go to bed.
32 rounds - fastProtein onlyWrite down 3 things you've done right so far.
43 rounds - easyHydration + 6 mealsRehearse goals in the morning, afternoon, and before you go to bed, including what you've done right each time.
52 rounds - sprintZero sugar, zero carbs (except veggies)Reflection Journal Begins.

Step-by-Step Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindset Instructions To Accelerate Fat Loss In The Next 5 Days

  1. Follow all instructions in the 5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator report. This step is critical to your success.
  2. Exercise: Perform the # of rounds indicated of the Fat Loss Acceleration Mini Circuit, at the intensity indicated.

    1. Easy - No rest breaks during entire time period you're exercising; just get through it at your own pace.
    2. Fast - Go at 90% of your full speed. Try not to take any breaks, but if you have to, keep it to 5 seconds or less.
    3. Sprint - Go at 100% of your full speed, without losing form. You'll most likely need several breaks with each exercise before the time interval expires, but rest only as long as you need to in order to get one more rep. Keep this process going until you get to the following exercise.
  3. Nutrition: Each day has a point of focus for you from a nutritional standpoint. Here is an explanation of each:

    1. Day #1 - Focus on Hydration - The normal equation of ounces of water to drink is your bodyweight divided by 2 in ounces of water. So, for example: 170 pounds/2 = 85 pounds, now switch to ounces = 85 ounces, or 6.5 pints of water. Today, I want you to get 50% more water than a "normal" day, but make sure to keep your electrolytes high by eating a banana or orange, or taking a multivitamin or supplement that has electrolytes in it.
    2. Day #2 - Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs (except veggies) - Temptation can be a beast, but not for one day. Every day you should have a different nutritional goal; so, today, you're going to focus on eliminating sugar from your diet, altogether. This includes all fruit and juice, even though I can also make an argument that they are good for you, they're not good for fat loss. Raw vegetables (no salad dressing with sugar or carbs) are allowed and encouraged.
    3. Day #3 - Protein Only - Today, your meals are going to look and feel weird. I want you to only eat protein-dense food today, meaning chicken breasts, beef, pork, fish, and beans. No Tofu, today, as this is very high in soy, and it tends to add estrogen to your body. Keep sauces to an absolute minimum, and you may use a little bit of part-skim, mozzarella cheese to add flavor. You're also allowed to have protein shakes.
    4. Day #4 - Hydration + 6 Meals - Same as Day #1, except this time I want you to divide your total food for the day over 6 meals. 3 of your meals will be your 'full meals,' and 3 of your meals will be your 'mini meals.' Essentially, a mini meal is the same food you'd have for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but portioned correctly for a snack.
    5. Day #5 - Same as Day 2, but with a focus on consuming a lot of fiber with your veggies. Baby carrots are great for this, and my personal favorite.
  4. Mindset - Each day has a different point of focus in establishing the proper mindset to lose fat faster. Here are the instructions for each day:

    1. Day #1 - Create your Fat Loss Master Plan of Attack, using the report I've provided you which details this with full instructions.
    2. Day #2 - Rehearse Goals In The Morning, Afternoon, And Before You Go To Bed. Remember, when you're 'rehearsing goals' that are really about your 'vision', then it's best to just take 5 minutes and close your eyes, envisioning all parts of your master plan of attack as a reality. How can you integrate all of your goals into a single vision in your mind?
    3. Day #3 - Write Down 3 Things You've Done Right So Far. We're creating a culture of positivity surrounding our fat loss goals. We're often quick to blame ourselves for things we do wrong, but true success lies in the acknowledgment of what we've done right.
    4. Day #4 - Same as Day #2
    5. Day #5 - Reflection Journal Begins. Your reflection journal is going to be made up of all the things you've done right, as well as a 3 sentence description of your mental vision each day. Aim for this to take 5 minutes or less each day, but keep on it every day of your fat loss journey. It's very important.

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