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Self-Health Is A Movement...

And that's why you're going to want to review the classes and course material over and over again throughout your lifetime.

In the 'Self-Health' curriculum you're about to consider, you'll learn precisely how to best operate your body, mind, and being. After years of reaching over a million people on a daily basis to help them with their health, a devastating circumstance that nearly cost me my life, and five more years of perspective while educating myself and other health professionals at my side, I am convinced:

This is the most important information I could possibly share with you. And, if I'm not mistaken, one thing will happen that will trump any other experiences you've ever had in health:

You will develop your own Health GPS, so to speak.

Your natural intuition for health will take over. You will know how to choose food, friends, activities, relationships, career choices, etc. all through getting to know yourself more, and the subtle signals your body is giving you all the time. This is the most beautiful process to share with others, as it's like watching you discover your own divinity. And in doing so, solve health once and for all.

I'm excited. And that's important.

Because when I get excited, I pour my heart and soul into something. I've done this over and over again, as you may have seen demonstrated by some of my bestselling products & programs in the fitness space, like Double Edged Fat Loss, Abs Strength Guide, and 5 Minutes To Look Younger.

It's funny, though. I'd rather not even compare to my past work.

And that's because the information I'm about to share with you feels like a secret part of the 'human code'; a gift that was shared with me on my deathbed, under the promise that I would share it with everyone else.

For this reason, I want to make you an insanely awesome deal today. For awhile, this barely covers production of the course. And I'm perfectly fine with that.

I feel lucky.

According to just about anyone, I should be dead.

And before I found myself in the emergency room, most people would have told you that I understood health & fitness on a very deep level. Yet, I was missing a balanced approach to the four pillars, or the four legs of the table; I had one or two super legs, and the rest sort of got rusty and worn out, so to speak.

Today, I'm in a unique position to share from the most humble of places. I will show you gaps in our current health model that lead to someone at my level of expertise completely missing the health picture altogether by ignoring other pillars of health. Like other health professionals, I was focused on the mirror, scale, body fat %, and blood work.

What I would like to share with you is that the following weeks' educational modules will prove to be the most game-changing health education you have received in your lifetime.

Self-Health Syllabus:

There are five chapters divided over 16 weeks of curriculum:

Get an extra HUGE discount by investing in lifetime access before you listen (because I love to reward taking a leap of faith), and you can still get a full refund for up to 60 days, which gives you plenty of time to listen to the majority of the the course, try on the suggestions, and decide it's still not for you. And you'll still get all of your money back.

I'm making this offer so attractive for one reason: because I know if you invest in the course now, you are much more likely to comply and get results.

And do you think it might be important to establish belief in the process ahead of time in order to get results? And maybe that's why I'm making this offer so attractive.... because I know if you invest in the process, you are much more likely to comply and get results.

So, here goes, my friend. What do you say?

Would you like a first class education in your own health, guided by a world-renowned Doctor of Physical Therapy & Kinesiologist who almost lost his life and has since become a world expert in epigenetics and personalized health?

Check out the curriculum below, and then decide if it's for you.

Chapter ONE: Eating & moving.
Week 1

Look around you. Look all around. Every single animal has a specific diet, or set of foods that are best for them. And intuitively, much like a dog eats grass, every animal on Earth knows how to modify their diet depending upon how they feel. Intuitively, the body knows already which foods are meant for it and when. And when you combine cutting edge science & medicine - in personalized health and epigenetics - with intuitive eating, your power triples. Your ability to identify which foods are best for your body - and perhaps even more importantly, which foods are WORST for your body - will dramatically improve within the first 7 days of this course.

Week 2

Picture this: you have an identical twin who got in a car accident, was lazy his or her entire life, and just had a heart attack. Do you think you should be doing the same workouts? Of course not!!

So, why would we assume that someone who is 4'8" and less than 100 pounds should be doing the same workout as someone who is 6'8" and 280 pounds? It makes no sense. In this module, we will discuss how, when, and why to move - for your specific body. Exercise will never be the same, as hard, or as boring.

Chapter TWO: Thinking & feeling.
Week 3

Do you tend to think more about the present moment, past or future? Would you consider yourself to be an optimistic or pessimistic person? In this week's module, we'll be discussing the power of intention, subconscious vs conscious thought, and THREE proven methods to immediately - and effectively - shift you out of a negative thought cycle and back into higher spirits.

We'll use a few simple breathing exercises to transform thought in a matter of minutes, so you can quickly experience the difference.

Week 4

Feeling is an extraordinary method of communication, both introspectively, as well as with others. In fact, we are communicating through feeling all the time; the trouble is that you may not realize that you are communicating feeling, no matter how careful you are with your words. Or you may not realize that an ache, pain, or cramp is actually your body trying to get your attention and ask for some help. You might write off many of the feelings you experience each day to coincidence or "life", when in reality, they are attempts to communicate with you, either internally or from the exterior. When you learn to differentiate between feelings on the outside and inside, everything changes. And when you empower yourself to recognize feeling in your body -- how it impacts your health in a positive or negative way -- and the choice you get to feel there is no turning back.

We will use guided meditation as our main tool for identifying, observing, and transforming feeling this week.

Chapter THREE: Testing & tweaking.
Week 5

What works for one person does not work for all people. And even once you know your body type and have a HUGE head start, there is still some margin for error. That's why we're going to discuss how to best 'test' foods, movement, thought patterns, and feelings in a logical and traceable way so you can see results or know why you are not and be able to make a change. Without the ability to test and measure your method, you are flying blind. That's why you'll become an expert in both testing & measuring for health in week five.

Week 6

The great news is that you will learn how your intuition can guide the entire process, and you'll understand the different types of tweaks or changes you might consider if things aren't going as well as you had planned. For example, you might place more emphasis on a different health pillar. Or you might learn your body responds better to certain foods and make an adjustment.

Chapter FOUR: Transformation & optimization.
Week 7

Now you've got the education, know-how, and fire power to get serious. You've had plenty of time to discover for your body's superfoods, learn your exercise program and ask any questions you need to. You've observed your thoughts to begin transforming negative thought patterns, and you've begun to distinguish between feeling on the 'outside' vs the 'inside', so you know your baseline. You've got the plan, you know how to test and make sure you get results, and you even are ready to make tweaks depending upon how things go. It's time to implement the plan, get disciplined and get started. Within 90 days from today, you will have new blood, which means that beginning today you are setting your health on super-fire.

Week 8
Real Life Roadblocks.

This is "tweaking", applied to real life. Theory will only take you so far. In this week's modules, we'll go through everyone's concerns and give you advice, so you can ensure your health plan works for you. For example, you might have had surgery recently or you might be recovering from an injury or illness. In any case, you might wonder how some of this information changes, depending upon what's going on in your life and your personal circumstance. This week, we'll be focused on you, and only you. Every question will get answered and recordings will be made available (like every week) in case you miss. Even when we don't know the answer, we generally know someone who might and we are happy to refer; likewise, we'll be quick to tell you if we don't know, or if we think we might be able to find the answer.

Week 9

There's nothing like a proper "detox" when it comes to accelerating results. This week, you'll experience the medical potency of food as you transform feeling, thought, and self-image in 7 days or less.

Week 10
Intensify for faster results.

Fear, doubt, and worry are all behind us now. We're going to increase intensity with movement this week and excite every cell in your body. Your renewed energy levels after the detox will carry you through this week with ease and grace as you amaze yourself with your newfound physical abilities. Get ready, as this week is exciting!! And you won't be able to help but notice the difference in such a short period of time...

Week 11
Your Lifestyle Menu & Food Plan.

Hahaha. Are you starting to get the picture? We're not messing around here. This week, we'll be transitioning you to a lifestyle food plan, designed for you and by-you, guided entirely by us. You'll know exactly how to eat at home or in a restaurant, a really wild and cool "food energy test" you can do to instantly find out if any food (or dish) is a match for your body, or if something else might be a better choice. Personally, this is the way I eat at every moment of every day, and it's what allows me to try new foods on a regular basis without memorizing every possible food or food combination that is good for me; plus, I get to adjust on feeling, since I might be more or less tense throughout the day, and tension/stress affects digestion.

Week 12
Long-Term 'You' - How To Stay Healthy Long-Term & Keep Progressing

This is when you emerge as the new you. It's a monumental week, in that the sensation of personal accomplishment sets in. And while you're flying high, we'll make use of this opportunity and set positive intentions for the future. This is where 'great health' becomes an addiction; in other words, if so much was possible over the last 6 weeks, what's possible over the next six weeks?

This week, we'll go over some of the most important lessons in health, longevity, and sustaining a high quality of life. Plus, we'll talk about common circumstances that pose challenges for many people along the way, like family members who aren't interested in health and the best way to handle them. Or like packed lunches, feeding children, breaking subconscious thought patterns before they become engrained in our youth, and taking your health to the next level.

Chapter FIVE: Stabilization & lifestyle management.
Week 13
Pacing I: Slowing down to adapt to life, goals, and chaos.

Breathe to slow down; move to speed up.

Sometimes, it's simple. And in the case of health, that's true. If there is a state of dis-ease taking place in your body and it is growing/accelerating, the best advice is to slow down. Or in the case of having just finished a transformation, it's time to rest and slow down. Great health comes down to pacing, programming, and performance.

Week 14
Pacing II: Speeding up to see faster results.

Want to see results more quickly? Should you increase the intensity of your exercise program? Work out for longer? Diet more aggressively? Change your thoughts? Focus on feeling? This week, we'll go over how you can easily and repetitively identify the low-hanging fruit with 4 simple questions you can ask yourself at any time. Plus, we'll go over a strategic four-point plan for improving your health at any point, whether you are in the worst health of your life or the best.

Week 15
Intention & Goal Setting.

A lot of people ask me about goal-realization and intention setting. In fact, many of my peers in business and health circles know me for being able to accomplish a lot in very little time, over and over again. I'm often amazed myself, and I suppose I have great mentorship, along with a lot of reflection and observation to credit.

Over time, I've systemized how to identify what's most important to me and then use my findings to determine the best approach to achieving my goals or realizing my intentions. Without first prioritizing what's most important to me, it's difficult to commit to change. Once I can see it all in front of me, let go of what's not needed, and embrace what is, I am able to schedule change and transform. This week, I'll be sharing "my method", which to date has only been shared in high-end masterminds or internally through our companies. However, I'm not holding anything back this time around. In fact, this is the exact method I use to conquer any health, financial, family, or educational goal as it arises. I can't wait to share it with you!!

Week 16
Health-cycling (or periodization) for best results.

The National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) is recognized for discovering the power of "periodization training" with their athletes, which has been credited as one of the biggest breakthroughs that has improved performance in sports today. We're taking this same principle and applying it to a holistic health approach that is designed entirely for you. This way, you know how to best cycle goals for optimal results - and health.

I'll make this quick and simple. Invest in lifetime access to the 'Self-Health' course today and get a HUGE discount.

What I can share with you is that this exact course will be replicated on the university level and offered in the fields of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and traditional medicine.

More than likely, the curriculum will cost around $2,000 at the university level, if not significantly more. When taught in person at retreats, the cost has historically been upwards of $10,000 per client, with no more than 30 clients at a time.

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Best Health Education Of Your Life Guarantee:

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Expert Interviews & Presentations:

Tim Ferriss - The 4 Hour Body & Minimum Effective Dose (MED) Training

Tim is perhaps the world-guru in "hacking". He's been interviewed on, hired by, written about, and followed by just about everyone on the planet. And since Tim is a personal friend and mentor, I was able to support his book launch for the 4 Hour Body and lock him down for an interview. In this otherwise not-available interview with Tim Ferriss, you will discover some of his most potent tips, tricks, and discoveries that have led millions of other people to test his methods and walk away in disbelief.

Chris "The Kiwi" Ashenden - Gut Health

Chris, "The Kiwi", Ashenden is the founder of Athletic Greens, which is perhaps the world's healthiest supplement company. Chris has become one of my best friends over the years, so I was lucky enough to pin him down and ask him all of my most pressing questions about how to radically improve gut health in a matter of seconds to minutes per day. In this special interview, the Kiwi shares his best insights, including his morning routine for metabolic optimization, common reasons for gut distress, and so much more. You're not going to want to miss this one!!

Isabel de los Rios - Gut Health II

Isabel de los Rios is the founder of Beyond Diet and is widely recognized as the leading female advisor in nutrition on the internet today. Having spent the last 2 decades teaching millions of men and women around the world how to easily and quickly improve their digestive health. During my rehabilitation, Chris and Isabel were two of my guiding resources for rehabilitating my gut and transforming my health through food. I am absolutely honored to share this interview with you.

Emily Fletcher - Meditation & mindfulness

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Mind & Ziva Meditation, through which she has had more success teaching people to meditate than just about any other teacher in the world. A lot of her success comes down to the presentation, as her former career was as a broadway star. She's able to present meditation in such a way that it makes it easy to comply. And best of all, she shares a 5-minute mindfulness routine that anyone can do over and over again during this very special interview.

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It's time. And I can't wait to share all of this with you.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,

Dr. Kareem

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Act in the next 15 minutes for just $97

Just one payment of $197 today; no future charges

*NOTE: You will not have to wait for anything in the mail. By selecting the 'get immediate access' option, you will be given immediate access to each module as it is created. This is a very special opportunity as one of the first ever students in 'Self-Health'.