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Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh's Treasure

- Worth More Than Gold -

Reveals Long-Lost Health Secrets
Modern Society Is Only Beginning To Grasp.

...and after nearly 5,000 years, plant-based medicine is back. Essential oils are back. We now understand the power and potency of Mother Nature and her ability to heal us. We recognize the simplicity and effectiveness of extracting oils from plants that exhibit superb healing qualities as they relate to nature.

Ancient Egyptians used essential oils to:

Get rid of inflammation

Eliminate pain

Reduce anxiety

Counteract digestive problems

Banish insomnia

and much, much more
(like fighting bacterial infections, preventing breathing problems, ending sexual dysfunction, and getting rid of fevers)

This same culture was able to surgically remove brain tumors in children with precision and success. They understood and worked with the energies of nature, and their life's work was understanding how our (human) energy combined - and connected with - other Earth and non-Earth-based energies. They combined timing (lunar and solar cycles) with medical procedures, ceremonies, exercise, eating, and social encounters. Ancient Egyptians understood many things about nature we still are investigating today; yet, we understand so much in technology it's mind-blowing to think about what happens when we combine forces and learn from our ancestors.

Think about it: what if you could naturally

- and almost instantly - reduce or eliminate 99% of the aches, pains, inflammation, and digestive issues you experience?

Here's a quick list of benefits you can reap from certain essential oils you've probably heard of, yet have no idea how - or when - to use them:

  • Lavender - helps with insomnia, pain relief, fights anxiety, and promotes wound healing.
  • Peppermint improves mental alertness/focus, clears nasal congestion, improves skin, relieves headaches, and takes the edge of motion sickness or nausea.
  • Jasmine - excellent for overcoming sexual dysfunction, anxiety, PMS symptoms, and common colds with respiratory symptoms.
  • Tea Tree - known to treat wounds and infections, fighting nail fungus, promoting better oral health, and soothing a sore throat.

  • And here are a few lesser known oils that can be used for tremendous health benefits:

  • Labdanum - soothing fragrance that's known to help with emotional issues and drain swollen lymph nodes.
  • Baobab - heal the skin from deep within.
  • Mugwort - anxiety relief, helps with nervous system disorders, both as a stimulant and relaxant. Also helpful for menstrual and menopausal issues.
  • So, you might be wondering how much you'll need to learn. I used to have the same concern, at least until I figured out which oils to buy and where I could get them.

    It's super simple to enjoy the near-instant health benefits of essential oils, and all it takes is a few minutes of your time to figure out what will be the best for you and your particularly body, at this very moment. The best part is that there are no known side effects leading to disease or disorders after taking an essential oil, which makes them an awesome first line of defense before considering many pharmaceutical options. Of course, we recommend you always check with your physician to be sure there aren't any interactions or contraindications, especially if you are already taking medication. (and if they don't know, we recommend you find someone who either knows about essential oils or is able to do some research and get back to you.)

    Balance energy centers, restore your body's natural balance, and use the power of Mother Nature to incite healing throughout your body.

    Remember, most of what you read on essential oils is bogus. In fact, the majority of brands producing essential oils are out there to over-charge and under-deliver, because it's not very regulated as an industry. What's worse is that many authors suggest you ingest essential oils, and the oils you could be putting into your body may be downright dangerous.

    As health professionals, we understand the application and power of essential oils, but we want the right answers for ourselves, our families, and our followers. And since we reach over 1 million people on a daily basis, we knew we had to hire the best and fill in any gaps in information we had trouble figuring out on our own.

    For example, most 'essential oils' experts and vendors don't tell you anything about:

    • How specific essential oils change your emotional state, based upon energy centers called Chakras in your body. And, what's worse, is that the wrong oils can actually slow down an energy center and make you feel miserable.
    • Which lesser known oils are used by shamans and healers across the world to create a profound healing impact.
    • Where you can buy safe essential oils (unless the author sells them and has a conflict of interest) or how to best use them for relief and happiness.

    In fact, we couldn't find the right information ourselves. Our only option was hiring an expensive aromatherapist, who simply recited modern-day information on essential oils and knew very little about Ancient Egyptian practices. Considering the fact that no one in today's world is as much of an oils expert as an Ancient Egyptian - who used them daily for prevention and healing - we knew this information fell short. So, we hopped on a plane, visited Egypt, and learned from the source.

    We believe your body can naturally restore balance,
    so it can heal itself.

    That's why we met with one of the top 8 families in the world who produce all essential oils - the same oils that are bought by expensive perfume and cologne companies like Dolce Gubana, Drakar, Polo, Ralph Lauren, etc. - learned directly from the source, and combined the knowledge we gained with everything else we know about health, both Western and Eastern.

    Considering the fact that our team is comprised of a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Kinesiologists, a nutrition team, and energy-based healers who have origin in the middle east, I think it's unlikely you'll find this information anywhere else. To the best of our knowledge, no one has ever combined all of this information into a single resource before, and it's unlikely you'd find the right info if you searched for it yourself. To be honest, it's disgusting how much deceit exists in the health industry, especially as it relates to lesser-regulated areas like essential oils.

    For the above reasons, we are proud to introduce you to:

    The Essential Oils
    Master Guide

    Using plant-based oils to feel your
    best and restore your health

    Figure out which oils to use, when, and where to find them. It's simple; you are energy, as are foods, plants, and everything else. By tapping into the energy of other living organisms and using them for moments when you have an ailment, symptom, dis-ease, or disorder, you can change an energetic state that is creating your discomfort.

    First, you must know which of Mother Nature's miracles is the best fit for you right now, then you must understand the impact of balancing energy across your body for maximal absorption and healing potential, and finally you must apply the right oil, the right way.

    The Essential Oils Master Guide is for you if you breathe, have an interest in sex, feel anxious, digest food, have pain, or ever get swollen.

    Step 1
    Learn about the rich history of essential oils and how they have been used instead of many modern pharmaceuticals across the world for centuries.
    Step 2
    Balance your chakras. By optimizing the energy centers of your body, you are priming it for increased speed of healing and better health.
    Step 3
    Discover which oils to use in order to eliminate or reduce your symptoms or health challenges.
    Step 4
    Follow-along and choose the best method for delivery of the essential oil, whether it's on your skin, in the air, or rinsed in your mouth.
    Step 5
    Feel immediate relief. Essential oil benefits are designed to be immediate and noticeable. So, you should be able to experience the benefit within seconds to minutes of applying any oil, as instructed.

    Using essential oils - when done correctly - is kind of like painting when you combine two different colors. You might remember that combining blue and green, for example, makes brown. Or you might recall that combining red and white makes pink.

    Well, similarly, when you combine Jasmine, for example, with difficulty in sexual arousal, you'll be likely to notice your curiosity increases, the mood shifts, and your sexual organs become interested. The same thing is true for Mugwort and anxiety, or Baobab and healing your skin inside-out.

    Apply essential oils the right way, at the right time, and you'll be blown away by how quickly your perception on 'living healthy' changes. You'll see how exercise is one piece, food is another, and how each of our senses ultimately contribute towards great health; making essential oils and aromatherapy an intricate piece of the health puzzle.

    You might be wondering about the limitations of essential oils and some of the bold claims being made by the media, internet "experts" and others. For example, you might be wondering if essential oils can really:

    Cure cancer?

    - While we believe greatly in the potency of essential oils - and their ability to restore energetic states of the body - we also recognize that cancer is a bit more complicated than it's made out to be. In fact, if you were to sample the entire US adult population, you'd probably find at least once cancer cell in nearly every adult. In many ways, cancer cells are normal; it's when they overpopulate and/or don't get eaten by immune cells that they become a problem.

    So, the question is: can essential oils restore enough balance to prevent the overpopulation of cancer cells? Well, the jury is out, although essential oils would certainly be part of my treatment plan if I had cancer.

    Reverse Diabetes?

    - blood sugar is affected by what you eat and how your body metabolizes food. If you eat a ton of sugars or carbohydrates, your pancreas is cued to release more insulin in order to balance out your blood sugar levels. Often times, insulin release is exaggerated to be more than what is needed due to prolonged inflammation related to sugar intake. In the case of essential oils, the goal is to reduce the amount of inflammation, increase digestive enzyme release to break down foods before they get absorbed into the bloodstream, and take away the anxiety that may lead to sugar fixes to begin with. So, can essential oils reverse Diabetes on their own? No, we don't think so, but we do think they can help.

    Cure Multiple Sclerosis?

    - symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are caused by the formation of white plaques on the spinal cord, or nervous system. These plaques disrupt normal signaling of the nervous system and result in paralysis over time. Since essential oils are known for their ability to either excite - or inhibit - the nervous system, we see a strong link between the use of essential oils and MS.

    However, we do not believe essential oils to be curative for MS.

    Improve Alzheimer's?

    - improved memory and focus are known side effects of this form of plant-based medicine. Even just improving breathing patterns can have a dramatic effect on oxygenation of the brain and the ability to recall short-term and long-term memories. So, if you or someone you love are suffering from memory issues and/or Alzheimer's, please consider the use of essential oils.

    Get rid of headaches?

    - headaches are primarily caused by stress and/or anxiety. Both of these conditions result in increased neural and vascular tension (nervous and circulatory systems are under greater demand when you are stressed or anxious). Essential oils are well-recognized for their ability to help you breathe better, relax, and achieve a state of calm.

    Be safe for children and/or pregnant women?

    - as always, we recommend you speak to your family physician before choosing any health or medical recommendation for your children or for you, if you are pregnant. However, one of the greatest benefits of essential oils is that they are plant-based. So, chemical complications of use do not exist. However, most pharmaceutical drugs were derived from plants originally (before they became mass-produced), and plants also have interactions with one another. So, it's always best to be safe and speak with a knowledgeable professional before assuming any combination of essential oils may be safe for you or your child.

    Replace medications prescribed by your physician?

    - No, we don't recommend that you replace medications prescribed by your physician with essential oils. However, we do recommend you find a physician who understands the chemical properties of oils you wish to use and who can help you understand how these naturally-occurring chemicals can interact with your body. And in the case of anxiety and/or pain-relief, we find there is A TON of benefit in going for the natural remedies, instead of store-bought pharmaceuticals. So, if you're looking to replace or reduce the amount of medication you take, please openly discuss options with your physician before making any changes.

    You decide.

    We recognize your health is a delicate issue, and we believe the best answer for health lies within you. That's why we take the stance of educating in our company, providing you an opportunity to learn what we have learned, and allowing you the opportunity to decide for yourself. You're the only one who knows how you feel on the inside, and you're the only one who has to live with the repercussions of decisions you make today; whether it's adding toxic chemicals to your skin - or taking chemically-derived medications - when plants can do the same thing.

    The next time you're feeling achy, having trouble breathing, no longer feeling attracted to your partner, or feeling anxious, remember there are natural solutions that have had known benefits for thousands of years. Remember the Earth provides you with food, water, and everything else you need to survive and thrive. Remember that plants are one of the first-explored solutions to health and least remembered. And remember you get to choose if you'll take wisdom from our ancestors and apply it to modern medical advancements.

    Besides, by investing in the Essential Oils Master Guide, you're not just getting our team. We are networked with world leading scientists, geneticists, biologists, medical doctors, Ayurvedic practitioners, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors, dietitians, personal trainers, and alternative medical professionals. And every time we learn how to improve, we teach you and update our guide.

    Although, I suppose if you wanted to hire your own team of researchers - spend thousands upon thousands of dollars like we did - and go to school for 7+ years to get your doctorate in physical therapy, you might be able to put together all this information for yourself. You might know which remedies work best for pain and/or inflammation, and in fact, you might be able to become part of our elite health network. Actually, we'd love for you to do this, to join us, and to help educate even more people.

    However, we recognize that's not going to happen for the majority of people who read this page. We realize that you are busy with your own life, perhaps already an expert in something else, and committed to making a difference in your own way. That's why we are here, simplifying the process and taking risk away from you figuring essential oils out for yourself.

    WARNING: If you're not even going to glance at the Essential Oils Master Guide - or keep it as a resource for next time any aches, pains, or emotional issues arise - then it's probably not a good idea to invest today. However, if you're willing to skim through the guide, remember to use the quick reference section whenever you need it, and conveniently and cheaply purchase small quantities of the oils you feel will help you the most, then you're in the right spot.

    Knowing which oils are for you - and how and when to use them - looks simple, but it's actually quite complex.

    In fact, we've found that almost everyone we talk to learns through trial and error and is never really sure if they're using the right oils or using them the right way. That's why we'd like to guarantee your purchase for the next 60 days:

    60 Day Money Back Guarantee:

    If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase of this 192 page, fully colored, easy-to-follow how-to guide on Essential Oils, then we'd like to give you a 100% refund anytime in the first 60 days. No questions will be asked, although we'd love any feedback you care to provide, as we're always looking to improve and deliver the best possible product to each of our clients.

    And since we're most interested in helping people who take immediate action with their health,
    we've put together the following irresistible deal:

    # of copies sold: Price:
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    1. 5 Minutes To Look Younger $25 value
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    Plus, we'll even include the following, so this becomes a complete no-brainer:

    3. CREATE MY WORKOUT $67 value
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    4. How To Get Out Of Pain On Your Own (30 Day Plan) $29.95 value
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    5. Relationships Guide: Building Love & Connection Through Intimacy $47 value
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    Now, if the decision to improve your health isn't obvious at this point, how 'can' you be helped?

    The truth is that you get a choice, and that you are making a choice in every second of every day. What you choose to pursue to improve your health - and which opportunities you pass up - are simply a matter of choice. If you prefer to be stuck, feeling victim to your body and life, then do nothing. On the other hand, if you'd like answers that are bound to work for your health, and the guidance it takes to address other aspects of your health - like food and exercise - at the same time, then it's time to make a decision and take action.

    Besides, if you get even half the results of our other clients, you won't be sorry. Go ahead and fill in your information below, and we'll get you started right away.

    Essential Oils Master Guide

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    Here's to your potential health,

    Dr. Kareem & the Create My Workout Team

    PS - The Essential Oils Master Guide could easily be retailed for $67. In fact, one of the 'known experts' in this field recently told us he didn't want to endorse this guide because "we're giving away everything he teaches in a year of membership for a one-time fee". Act now, before it's too late and the price goes up. Click here to order now.

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    Sound fair enough?

    Essential Oils Master Guide

    -- 57% OFF (just $20)
    Normal retail price: $47

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