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  • Ultra Fast Workout
  • Quick and Simple Format
  • Doctor-Created
  • Protective Exercises For Your Joints In Every Set
  • Triple M System For Rapid Fat Loss™
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  • Ultra Fast Workout - Pop it into your DVD player and you‘re done inside of 45 MINUTES (Includes warm-up and your entire workout!)
  • Quick and Simple Format - There are only 5 exercises to learn, and then simple variations of each one.
  • Doctor-Created - a Doctor of Physical Therapy & Kinesiologist created these workouts, so you‘d learn how to exercise with perfect form.
  • Protective Exercises For Your Joints In Every Set - Helps you get a strong core and prevent joint breakdown from unbalanced exercises.
  • Built-In Core Training - This prevents you from getting injured, while allowing your body to respond at maximum speed; by strengthening your core first, you are signaling to your body to lose fat.
  • Triple M System For Rapid Fat Loss™ - By challenging your body in every direction, stacking exercises in a specific format, and balancing your muscles, you are accelerating fat loss exponentially.
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Alfred G.

Thanks for the exercises! I’ve been using them and in 4 short days noticed a difference!

Wendy R.

Love your stuff and have been doing it for 3 years now. my core is phenomenal again thanks to your movements. I sent a good friend of mine to you a few years ago and you have helped changed his life as well. Thanks and keep it coming.

Jean A.

I first started using your methods in late 2010. First DEFL, then FTFL. Throughout both those programs, these 5 exercises are featured. I have gone from stooped over, rounded shoulders and a core that couldn’t stay straight, to perfect posture and a body I am proud to have! I’m a 51-year-old female and now I can hold my own on your advanced workouts and I still can barely believe it! To all you out there - do what this man says and your body will transform. Thank you Dr. K, from the bottom of my heart! With deep gratitude and affection,

Lina K.

Dear DR. K, Am 62 year old student of PT. I live in London but travel many times a year to the middle east; Syria and Lebanon. Tried your DEFL program 2 years ago and I think it is one of the fastest way to trim inches off.

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This scientifically-designed, researched, and doctor-created Fat Loss DVD is an invaluable, possibly life-changing health resource that is equally beneficial on a busy day, in place of the gym, when you‘re feeling lazy and barely can get up off the couch, or even to teach your trainer and step up your results, immediately.

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