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We've been working on this technology for years, and now it's here. This will be a monthly program at a very affordable price.

The fact of the matter is that workouts -- no matter how good or advanced they are -- have a limited shelf-life of effectiveness: if you don't change them up, they plateau, stop getting results or just flat out get BORING!

In the end, you'll either give up...
or your workouts will give up on you.

That's why we're constantly creating new and innovative workouts for our clients... and it's why no two workouts are ever the same.

Your body is incredible - it can adapt to pretty much anything, including intensity and exercise. You need to mix things up, or you're certain to plateau.

Neurologically, your body is programmed for an Adaptation Response to exercise. This is what allows us to train for marathons and manage energy use for 26.2 miles in order to sustain endurance and fight through to the last moment. In the beginning, many marathon runners claim to be exhausted on their first 7 mile run. Over a period of 6-8 weeks, a 7 mile run becomes child's play.

'Adaptation Response' is brilliant. It allows our bodies to handle greater stress with less response. Unfortunately, this does not apply to building muscle, losing fat, or changing our bodies' design. Unlike training for sport, where efficiency is the goal, for many aspects of fitness, the goal is to stay as ineffective as possible.

The less efficient you are, the more energy, in the form of calories,
is required for you to perform a given workout.

Through avoiding adaptation response, we crush any result we want, because our bodies are preparing for more, adapting to manage the new 'stress,' and proving more capable than before. It's the same as increasing time running, except here we keep the time spent the same, but change up variables like intensity, workout goal, and exercise selection.

Finally, your workout possibilities are endless, because there now exists a way to apply a constantly changing set of variables. You see, We've created a new and revolutionary technology for the fitness industry. We've tested it, and it's essentially the same thing as having us create the workouts for you. In fact, what we're about to reveal is as close to training with us as you can get without inviting us into your living room.

Understanding training programs is a lot like learning a language. It's not enough to just know a bunch of words--you need to know how those words fit together, and the different ways they should (and shouldn't!) be used if you want to communicate effectively. There are rules that govern language and guide the rhythm of our speech.

With training, you can't haphazardly throw a bunch of exercises together with no thought to order or interaction; that would be like randomly picking words out of a dictionary to write an essay. Instead, program design works with a series of rules: rules that dictate everything from sets and reps to rest periods and exercise selection.

Learning these rules is why trainers study for years--We've personally spent over a decade learning, refining and advancing exercise program design to adapt and apply in the most effective way for our clients.

Taking it one step further--just as a poet will interpret and use language differently than a student, high level trainers will incorporate and use exercises in inventive ways to achieve profound results well beyond what a novice could create.

Put bluntly--like language--designing training programs is both an art and a science.

Welcome to the Truth About Abs
Done-For-You Workout Builder--Fitness Poetry at its Finest

The TAA Done-for-You Workout Builder ($67/month value)

This is the most exciting thing ever. Our team figured out a way to use OUR set of rules and put together a program that will help you build your own workouts in seconds. All you need to do is select a set of parameters from our menus--the software just needs to know your goals, how much time you have, and your skill level. THAT'S IT. Enter those and fire it up.

Bam! The Truth About Abs Workout Builder will build you a workout, instantly.

The COOLEST thing here is the ease of use. Without thought (We've done the thinking for you), you can periodize your own program, just by changing your workout goal once every 6 weeks. You can progress as fast or slow as you want, and you can even build a workout for a friend or family member in just seconds.

Honestly, the biggest issue you're going to have is explaining how you came up with such a cool workout. (Hey, you don't even have to give us credit--We're cool with it!)

These exercises are fun, effective, and only require a dumbbell and exercise ball (which you can easily substitute for a household item or bench). It's so exciting to know that you can rely on technology now to do something wonderful for your body. You don't have to spend endless dollars and commit to learning the process--three seconds and you're DONE.

Workout Builder is about simplicity and professional program design.

You'll be able to view every exercise on video, either on your computer or portable video device, like an iPad or iPhone. Basically, if you want to build muscle, lose fat, or just get as lean and healthy as possible, you're now cheating.

We're shocked it's this good. We've been testing these workouts, trying every possible combination, and we're consistently ecstatic with the outcome when we hit that awesome button - 'Create My Workout.'

It's so cool!

Get ready to hit your goals, write new ones, and hit those too.

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Fast forward 1-2 years - We guarantee you'll see this technology in gyms. It will be built in as a premium level of membership, or it'll be used by trainers to create better workouts.

Today, you have the chance to grab this first. You have the chance to conquer any workout goal you want. And it takes virtually no time at all.

Make the right call - truth be told, We wrote this page because there was really only one logical decision, and we wanted you to have this. Without investing in your health, the chances of you making use of this technology would be close to zero. We've seen this time and time again. That's why we decided we'd offer this for the most ridiculous price we could think of... and make this decision brain-dead simple:



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